Mickey Cohen was Bugsy Siegel’s shadow. Ben was tall, handsome, suave and welcome in the elite Hollywood circles. He mixed with the glitterati, courted royalty and bedded starlets while his shadow Mickey was picking their pockets, robbing their safes and breaking their bones.
In so many ways they were opposite sides of the same coin. Both were violent men, out of place in the Hollywood environment. They liked many of the same things: good food, fine clothes, beautiful women, shined shoes. [X]

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Ed Burns


Ed Burns

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Here the complete press conference about #MobCity in NYCC with Milo Ventimiglia, Ed Burns and Robert Knepper 

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The Fitzgerald Family Christmas (Edward Burns, 2012)

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Oh, I’ll recognize you. You’ll be the guy with the shiny badge, and his dick in his hands. And guess where my dick’s gonna be.

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Anonymous said: YOU'RE BACK!

you’re not gonna get rid of me this time. :-) not as busy anymoreeeeeeeeeeee so be prepared for news everydayyyy - well maybe not everyday but definitely more often than like 2 months ago, ha.

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